Divemaster Course


Who Should Take This Course?

The PADI Divemaster course is for divers serious about taking scuba to the next level. Being a Divemaster means being a professional diver, as it is the first step on the PADI professional ladder. Though a Divemaster is not certified to teach, they are qualified to guide and mentor certified divers, assist instructors with courses, and act as role models for other divers. Whether you want to pursue diving as a career or just want to reap the benefits of being a PADI Professional member, this course is for you.


To become a Divemaster, you must be a Rescue Diver and hold a current First Aid, CPR and Emergency Oxygen Provider certification. If you don’t have these already, we can certify you here at Portsmouth Scuba. You must have a clean bill of health according to your medical questionnaire (obtained from Portsmouth Scuba) or have a signed medical release from your doctor. You must also have at least 40 logged dives to begin the course, and 60 logged dives to complete certification.

What Will You Learn?

There is a lot of information to learn when becoming a PADI Divemaster. Your PADI instructor will be involved in all aspects of this process, from the knowledge portion to the diving and skills practice. A lot of the course will be a review of things you already know from your past courses but may have forgotten or need some brushing up on. You will become an expert on rescue skills and how to handle emergencies and nervous/panicky divers.

You will also practice all skills students learn from their first dive through the Rescue course until you are comfortable enough to do them to demonstration quality. This means slow and exaggerated. This is so that you could assist an instructor teaching a class if a student was having difficulty grasping a skill.

You will also learn about PADI’s professional standards and what it means to be a PADI member. Lastly you will learn all about the physics of diving, and why it is important for you as a PADI professional.

How Can You Start Learning Now?

To enroll in our PADI Divemaster course, call or stop in Portsmouth Scuba to sign up, and either pick up a Divemaster book and course pack or sign up for the Divemaster elearning at PADI.com.

What Scuba Gear Will You Use?

You will be using all the standard gear you use now, in addition to a few extra necessities as a dive professional, including your Divemaster slates you will get in your course pack.


Cost: $750.00 + $450.00 (PADI crew pack, dive mater application fee, etc.)

Cost includes:

  1. Dive master Crew Pack Item # 60020

  2. PADI PIC (PADI Certification Application)

  3. One Classroom session (PADI Dive Master Video)

  4. Two Open Water Dives

  5. Discount (40%) on Tanks, weights, wet-suite, hood and gloves

Cost does not include:

  1. Pocket Mask

  2. Mask

  3. Snorkel

  4. Boots

  5. Fins

  6. BCD

  7. Regulator

  8. Log Book

Next Step:

Enroll in the Portsmouth Scuba PADI Divemaster course and obtain course material. Download the applicable forms (e.g. medical statement and questionnaire). View our payment and cancellation requirements.